Hi! My name is Nolan Bell. I’m an 19-year-old with a passion for music and teaching.

I'm currently in post-secondary education for music. I’ve been playing guitar and bass for about 8 years now, and have dabbled in Mandolin, Accordion and several other instruments. Feel free to scroll down and have a look at my introduction. I’d love to talk with you to see if we’d be a good fit! Book a free 15-minute interview now!

Why Should I Choose Online Lessons?

Flexibility: Gone are the days when music lessons consume your entire evening. All the student needs to do is log onto the meeting place and I take it from there. I don’t have cancellation or rebooking fees, so rescheduling lessons around vacations or emergencies are as simple as possible.

Zero Compromises: I use a combination of different services to ensure that my music lessons are just as effective as in-person ones. From the point of booking to the lessons themselves, the process is as simple as possible. 

What Do I Need To Get Started with Nolan?

I urge all my students to talk with me before going out and buying anything. Getting a good first instrument can be the difference between endless frustration and endless fun! Learning guitar doesn't have to be expensive. I'll help you find the best deal, while still getting set up with quality gear. Come talk to me!

About Me

When I was 10 years old, I picked up my mom’s old electric guitar from when she was around the same age. I made a deal with my music teacher at public school who was at the time teaching recorders, that I’d teach myself guitar and show her my progress every week. The incentive was immense. To be able to escape the screeching recorders and learn songs I wanted to play was a magical feeling. From there, I’ve spent the next 8 years learning songs, listening to unhealthy amounts of music, and messing around with other aspects of music.

My Teaching Process

I have been teaching guitar to friends and family for quite a while. I’ve also been tutoring in high school guitar classes for the duration of my academic career. My “curriculum” for learning isn’t set in stone and changes for each student I teach. Generally, I start by just helping the student learn songs. This is effective for teaching the basic techniques but also helps the student get excited about playing guitar. Learning scales right off the bat makes it hard to get motivated. Once the student can learn songs on their own, we move into more advanced subjects such as theory and creative application. We usually pick a song and write a solo over it to learn scales in a fun and engaging way. I always try to couple the boring stuff with something fun to make learning easier. It’s been extremely successful in the past, and I always adjust this depending on the needs of the individual.

My Adventures in Music Production

Music production is another passion of mine. When I was around 12 years old, I bought an audio interface with the money I had saved up for by selling chicken eggs (that’s a whole other story.) I’ve used every audio software, called DAWs, to record a variety of projects from overdubbing myself playing to recording full bands. I use Apple’s Logic Pro at the moment, but I’d be happy to help any student start their adventure with recording. I've recently taken my production knowledge a step further through post-secondary education.

Book Now!

Feel free to book lessons or cancellations. Payment required upfront. If you choose to skip payment, I'll reach out to you to arrange e-transfer or alternate methods!